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If you are looking for a holistic Life Coach and Facilitator that understands career challenges, organisational and broader system contexts, you have come to the right place.

Pauliina Mapatha inspires, challenges and supports individuals and organisations in change, transformation and wellness. She helps professionals to thrive in an intercultural and diverse environment while maintaining good work-life balance so that they can live with impact and reach their full potential. Services are provided both independently and in collaboration with trusted professionals.

Life coach and facilitator Pauliina Mapatha

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You are a brilliant, professional woman and you’ve put in a huge amount of effort to achieve a lot in your career and private life… but something is not quite right. 

You may be dealing with some of the following challenges:

  • Carrying too much on your shoulders both at work and at home,
  • Compromising your own health and wellness,
  • Having difficulties in relationships,
  • Feeling stuck and wanting a more satisfying life, or
  • Wanting to further stretch yourself towards even bigger goals.

On top of all this you may be operating in a diverse environment, an intercultural marriage or workplace or living abroad. You may even be unsure who you are anymore.

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Pauliina provides coaching and facilitation services for organisations: governmental, non-profit, academic and corporate. She has 20-year work experience in socio-economic project and program environments including international development co-operation.

Is your organisation dealing with:

  • Adaptation to change,
  • Multicultural and diverse teams and environments,
  • Compromised performance, or
  • Poor work-life balance.

Each organisation is unique and requires a tailor-made solution.

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"Pauliina is knowledgeable and approachable yet professional in her conduct. Through her valuable insights, she guides the individual to express themselves without any reservations or fear."
Client Testimonial
Matlakala Modiba - Senior Manager