Coaching for Positive Leadership; Career Wellness; Work and Life Transitions

If you are looking for a holistic Life Coach and Facilitator that understands career and life challenges, organisational and broader system contexts, you have come to the right place. Pauliina Mapatha inspires, challenges and supports individuals and organisations with change, transformation and wellness. She helps leaders and professionals to thrive with a diverse team while maintaining good work-life balance so that they can live with impact and reach their full potential.  

Pauliina is a certified, Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) credentialed Positive Intelligence and Life Coach as well as Nutrition Network Advisor in ketogenic whole foods. She may support you and your employees in both physical wellness as well as mental fitness! Services are provided both independently and in collaboration with a network of trusted colleagues. Pauliina is based in South Africa, Polokwane but serves clients online globally.

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Life coach and facilitator Pauliina Mapatha

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You are a brilliant professional and you’ve put in a huge amount of effort to achieve a lot in your career and private life… but something is not quite right. 

You may be dealing with some of the following challenges:

  • Carrying too much on your shoulders both at work and at home,
  • Compromising your own health and wellness,
  • Having difficulties in relationships,
  • Feeling stuck and wanting a more satisfying life, or
  • Wanting to further stretch yourself towards even bigger goals.

On top of all this you may be operating in a diverse environment, an intercultural marriage or workplace if not living abroad. You may even be unsure who you are anymore.

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Pauliina provides coaching and facilitation services for organisations: governmental, non-profit, academic and corporate. She has 20-year work experience in socio-economic project and program environments including international development co-operation.

Is your organisation dealing with:

  • Adaptation to change,
  • Multicultural and diverse teams and environments,
  • Compromised performance, or
  • Concerns in employee wellness. 

Each organisation is unique and deserves a tailor-made solution.

Learn more about the online and on-site services for organisations or contact Pauliina directly.


"I signed up for the PQ Programme with Pauliina to improve my mental focus. I wanted to develop my ability to stay calm and focused under pressure. The exercises taught in the programme together with the support and guidance of a coach have shown me how to get to and stay in a place of calm, confidence and focus. And it has taught me more about how I self-sabotage and MOST IMPORTANT what to do instead."
Client Testimonial
Julia Butterworth
"Before starting the programme, I was quite sceptical of the idea of “positive intelligence” and coaching more generally. However, with the great assistance of Pauliina and my pod, I allowed myself to have an open mind and can see a real improvement in my overall mental wellbeing at the end of these 6 weeks. Pauliina guided us masterfully through the programme with patience and kindness while keeping us accountable and ensuring we stuck to the programme and strove towards our goals. In particular, Pauliina helped me understand the underlying sources of my tendencies towards over-working and point me in the direction away from burnout and towards and happier more balanced life. Thank you, Pauliina!."
Client Testimonial
Billie MacAonghusa
"Pauliina was a fantastic pod leader and coach. Starting this 6 week programme I was looking to gain confidence in a major work transition in my life. I was nervous, anxious and unsure. I can confidently say, with the help of Pauliina I have made the first steps towards a new career and am feeling confident and focused on my goals. The insights gained have not only affected my perspective and confidence in work but has had a big positive impact on the communication between my partner and I. It is true when you work on one are of self-development and growth other areas naturally follow suit ."
Client Testimonial
Kate Beahan
"The PQ Program with Pauliina has been a wonderful experience. I have become so much more aware of my emotions, what I need and when I need it, and learned really simple techniques to reduce my anxiety and improve my overall wellbeing. I had very specific goals for the 6-week program, including 1) to be more patient and present with my toddler and 2) to improve my relationship with my husband, and I have definitely made great progress with both. I find I am in a better mood, can get out of negative emotions much more quickly than before, and I am more empathetic towards other people in my life. I hope to continue with the practice and hence continue to grow as a person and tap into the “sage” in me more and more! The tangible improvement is due in great part to the accountability mechanism of group meetings led by coach Pauliina, and she does a fantastic job of keeping us focused and motivated."
Client Testimonial
"Pauliina is a wonderful and exceptional coach! She’s extremely empathetic, firm and kind. Her coaching programme has helped me become a better version of myself and I have gained not only a trustworthy supporter and confidant, but I gained a friend and sister."
Client Testimonial
Roseanna Avento
"Pauliina took me on as a client in October 2020 during an exceedingly difficult time globally and when I was personally at a low point. I suffered another burnout. I knew I needed help, but had no idea what I needed and where to even start. Pauliina made me feel comfortable and safe and that she had my best interest at heart. After a chat or two we figured out where to start and what to work on. I trusted Pauliina and the process. I learned so much about myself and the massive impact my past had on my thought process now. How this impacted my confidence and what lead to my burnout. I learned what my needs are in life and for the first time I listened and acted on them. I am extremely grateful for the tools I take away especially how to communicate with the different personality types and improved positive intelligence. My improved self-confidence has changed me the most. - Pauliina was the energy I needed to make the shift. She made me think differently about my life and possibilities. She was supportive through the entire journey. She is amazingly easy to talk to and she really cares. I felt I had to show up to match her investment in me, which was tough in the beginning. I adore her quirky sense of humour!"
Client Testimonial
Marlize Brink
"Pauliina really helped me identify my values and clarify my goals, and encouraged me to take baby steps towards my better future. She coached me through a period of shock and change – new motherhood, adjusting to the pandemic, remote work, and moving country – and made me realise that no matter how things might seem out of my control, there is always something I can do. She shared coping tools with me and supported me to improve my attitude and focus on self-care. Pauliina’s coaching encouraged me to be more proactive and to manage difficult situations in accordance with my values and what’s best for me and my family."
Client Testimonial
Anna Delany
"“For any curious, unsure, aspiring entrepreneur or business owner Pauliina Mapatha lays a good foundation on how to put an idea on paper and then to action. She provides one with the necessary tools and resources to ensure that you commit yourself to your business and make it a success."
Client Testimonial
Tshepo Mathabatha
"The time with Pauliina was a transformative experience, which, did not only affirm the desire to follow my passion, but also renewed my sense of self-worth and self-confidence. I feel refreshed, determined and ready to pursue my dream. She is the person I had to partner with at this point in my life and I’m grateful for her selfless, knowledgeable approach and the bond of trust which developed between us. - Pauliina is knowledgeable and approachable yet professional in her conduct. Through her valuable insights, she guides the individual to express themselves without any reservations or fear."
Client Testimonial
Matlakala Modiba
"Pauliina is an integrated, powerful human being and an inspiration. Having overcome many health and life challenges she brings a compassionate and real approach to her work as a coach. In just a few weeks with her, I was learning new things about myself, my own strengths and developmental areas and making lasting changes to my health and life! I could not recommend Pauliina highly enough to anyone wanting to make a lasting, grounded and considered change in their life, particularly in their health journey or in making any big change with courage and conviction. Having completed the core program, I have made the decision to stay in regular coaching with Pauliina in order to keep stretching my goals under her expert, mindful and truth-seeking eye! Take the leap if you can! "
Client Testimonial
Jayne Bullen
"Pauliina conducted sessions professionally and with confidence. She was well-prepared on a weekly basis with the relevant material for each session. Sessions were also on time and although I feel that some sessions were intense and should be cut shorter, it is the prerogative of the client to guide the coach in this matter. In general, I believe the program should be made compulsory for any person in a workplace, to be able to adapt, cope, plan and develop personal knowledge within one’s working environment."
Client Testimonial
Liezel Le Roux
"Pauliina did a fantastic job as a life coach. I learned a lot about myself and how to cope and function in my workplace and at home. She guided me with confidence and gave me the tools I needed to get to my end goal. I am now a better version of myself on this daily journey. She will be an asset to anyone looking to better themselves, either in their work environment or their home life."
Client Testimonial
Natascha Louw