Make It Work for You and Your Team in International Development Sector with Saara Lehmuskoski

Welcome to the 10th interview in the Recipes for Resilience series. I am with Saara Lehmuskoski. In this episode we discuss what it takes to make it work for you and your team in the international development sector.

Saara is based in Helsinki, Finland. Her experience of organisational and social change management goes back to two decades in the international development cooperation sector in Africa, Asia, and Europe. She has recently transitioned from non-governmental organisation, Finnish Church Aid to a senior consultant role at CCEA, a company that focuses on people-driven change.

When she is off duty, you can often find her in the woods or on the sea, enjoying nature with family and friends. 

How you can find and maintain work-life balance…

How as a leader can you encourage other women to climb the ladder…

What will you learn?

The Recipes for Resilience Series focuses on sharing the opportunities, resources, and solutions – what is working, what keeps us going, how we can bounce forward from challenges or adverse experiences in work and life. 

In this episode, Saara shares her personal strategies as well as advice as a mom, a wife, and a leader.

Watch the vlog to learn about: 

  • Maintaining a work-life balance for yourself and for your team. 
  • Being a coach-like leader and creating a safe space for other women to grow.
  • Diversity and humanity – how people are diverse and the same.
  • Tested resources and methods that work in supporting people in growth, change, and transition.
  • Her own career transition from development cooperation to change management in the private sector.
It’s about how you make the structure work for yourself and for the people who are with you.

Find More Online

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Pauliina Mapatha has twenty years of experience in both the government and non-profit sectors and is a certified life coach. She established her own consultancy company in 2006 and has found her passion for supporting individuals and organisations with change, transformation and wellness.

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