Employee Wellness and Mental Fitness – Solid Foundation for Success!

Employee wellness correlates directly with organisation’s performance and success. In-the-midst of challenging times it is necessary to build a solid foundation by paying special attention to employee wellness and mental fitness. Employees that are unwell will slow down your operations, productivity, the impact that you want to make. Employees that are mentally fit are better engaged and productive.

We are faced with an alarming situation. According to Forbes burnout has increased to 52 % during the pandemic. Burnout recovery should not be left on the shoulders of employees alone. Employers have responsibility to manage change, healthy workload, and have a real interest in overall employee wellbeing.

“The most successful organisations are now turning their attention to employee wellbeing as a way to gain emotional, financial and competitive advantage.” – Tom Rath, Gallup

Which direction will you take?

Employee Wellness

Harvard Centre for Wellness and Health Promotion defines wellness as a fluid continuum of different interconnected dimensions such as physical, relational, emotional, financial, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, and vocational. All these areas of wellness relate to the world of work too.

Adaptation to pandemic has challenged us all in various ways and impacted our overall wellbeing. Many are finding it hard especially emotionally, financially, and socially. Hence the importance to focus on wellness both as an individual and as an organisation. – A great place to start is to improve mental fitness because it will further fuel our capacity to show up in all the other areas.

Mental Fitness 

Mental fitness refers to an ability to respond to challenges with positive rather than negative mindset. Positive Intelligence Inc coaching and training App that I include in my programme is designed to increase individuals’ positive intellectual quotient through building three brain muscles, namely Saboteur Interceptor, Sage, and Self-Command. It takes participants through a step-by-step process, whereby they learn techniques to intercept self-sabotaging negative thoughts, build positive outlook, and be fully present.

The individuals and organisations that have gone through the programme have reported significant improvements in their mindset, productivity, and relationships. Being mentally fit translates into improved empathy, exploration, innovation, navigation, and activation skills and ability.

As a leader,

Do you promote burnout or work-life balance?

How are you and your team/s doing?

Lead by Modelling

Whatever steps you will take to lead employee wellness, remember the power of walking the talk, modelling what you want to see in others. For you to do that you must prioritise your own wellbeing too! Download Wellness Worksheet to assess where you are at.

Should you score low in the assessment the chances are that you are busy depleting your own batteries. Putting too long hours to work and lacking balance, spending time worrying, and stressing about big and small things instead of being present and finding a way forward. Negativity and cynicism are often signs of advanced burnout.

Reach out to me if you would like more inspiration, support, or challenge in your own or your employees’ wellness. I can help you with e.g. individual and team coaching, webinars, workshops, and the Positive Intelligence programme. 

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Pauliina Mapatha has twenty years of experience in both the government and non-profit sectors and is a certified life coach. She established her own consultancy company in 2006 and has found her passion for supporting individuals and organisations with change, transformation and wellness.

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