Finding Your Tribe with Irene Mäkelä-Brunnekreef

Welcome to the Recipes for Resilience series. I am with Irene Mäkelä-Brunnekreef. Irene is a Finn based in Luxemburg. She has recently taken a leap to entrepreneurship and provides services in business consulting from strategy, marketing to event production, and project management. Irene is also the Chair of Finnish Women Worldwide Association that supports Finnish expat women with various initiatives. We discuss career challenges in international move as well as the importance of knowing yourself and finding your tribe.

What will you learn?

In this Recipes for Resilience series I interview women about their various challenges and adverse experiences and more importantly  about the strategies that have helped them to keep going, bounce back if not forward. How they have taken ownership, if not leadership and turned their challenges into gifts and opportunities.

Listen/watch the vlog to learn about: 

  • Career adjustment in international move and motherhood
  • Importance of connecting with your tribe for cultural identity and peer support
  • The beginnings of Finnish Women Worldwide Association
  • Tips for finding your meaning and own tribe
"Know yourself, be curious and have the courage to ACT." - Irene Mäkelä-Brunnekreef

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